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Mariola's Organic Spa & Retreat

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Jivaka Massage

What does Jivaka mean? Rather, 'who' is Jivaka? Why do we have a massage named after him and what are the benefits of a Jivaka Massage?

Jivaka was the personal healer (doctor) of Buddha. He is also known as 'the father of medicine,' or Ayurveda. During the time of Buddha, he was the most celebrated physician in all of India. He had a rough start in life, being abandoned by his mother and rescued by The Prince Abhaya. Even the meaning of his name is ‘life’, which is fitting with his obvious will to live. Early in his life he was instructed by a famous teacher that asked Jivaka to go out into the world and find a plant that was not medicinal and had no value for healing. Jivaka did so, venturing out on his mission to find such plants. When he returned to his teacher he relayed that he could find no such plant! This was when his teacher knew he was ready to practice healing. Jivaka went on to help many people including the monks and nuns of his day and eventually became the personal physician to Buddha.

Jivaka is a symbol of healing and balance. Our healing Jivaka Massage is a great way to ease aches and pains, thus creating balance for the mind and body.  It’s a therapeutic massage with a specialized oil blend made with organic essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Marjoram, Juniper Berry and Eucalyptus. It is essentially a great massage for anyone with a body. That means you!

Jivaka Massage
30 min $75  60 min $100  90 min $155

Forests for the Future

One tree will be planted for every Éminence purchase! With your help we have planted over 2000 trees!!!


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